More Kaypro problems

From: Grant Zozman <>
Date: Mon May 11 22:15:16 1998


Looking at my machine, it seems to me your problem should be fairly
straightforward (hopefully). From the AC plug on the back of the computer, the
110V power goes through the fuse on the back panel, and then is wired directly
to the power switch. The output side of the power switch goes to the power
supply board AND to the fan. So, when you flip on the power, does the fan start
up? If not, I would suspect either a bad power switch, or one of the spade
terminals has fallen off of the power switch, AC plug, or fuseholder. This
should be evident by pulling off the top cover; the terminals are easy to
access. You may also want to use a multimeter to see how far the 110V power is
getting (just remember the one-hand-in-the-back-pocket rule!). If a number of
the terminals are off, let me know, and I can tell you exactly how to wire it
back up again.

While I would love to get my machine going, hopefully we don't have to sacrifice
yours to do it! Sounds like yours is in very nice shape as well!

If you do get it going, I would be able to make a boot disk for you.

Grant Zozman

Cliff Boyer wrote:

> Hello,
> My my name is Cliff Boyer and I too have a Kaypro 10 problem.
> I think mine is in the power supply. I plug it in and turn it on and nothing
> happens. No lights, beeps, chirps, drives whirling. Nothing!
> I checked fuse on the back panel and it's OK. Is there a fuse on the P/S
> board located on the inside of the back panel?
> The machine was given to me, but I have no disks or manuals. However it is
> in excellent shape. I hope the hard drive is OK.
> If I cant get this machine going, I hope to get Anthony Clifton's QX-10 so I
> can see what a CP/M computer is like!
> Anyone have any thoughts?
> Cliff
> P.S. Hey Grant, If mine is not fixable, I may have a HD for you!
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