More Kaypro problems

From: Cliff Boyer <>
Date: Mon May 11 21:47:43 1998


My my name is Cliff Boyer and I too have a Kaypro 10 problem.

I think mine is in the power supply. I plug it in and turn it on and nothing
happens. No lights, beeps, chirps, drives whirling. Nothing!

I checked fuse on the back panel and it's OK. Is there a fuse on the P/S
board located on the inside of the back panel?

The machine was given to me, but I have no disks or manuals. However it is
in excellent shape. I hope the hard drive is OK.
If I cant get this machine going, I hope to get Anthony Clifton's QX-10 so I
can see what a CP/M computer is like!

Anyone have any thoughts?


P.S. Hey Grant, If mine is not fixable, I may have a HD for you!
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