From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Tue May 12 19:52:50 1998

snoball wrote:
> Hi, I am a teacher here at the local elementary school in Humble, TX. To be
> honest, the computer department here at the school is rather pathetic, two
> Apple //e's and an XT that was donated that I can't get to work. To be
> frank, these kids are going into a world where they are illiterate in the
> basic workings of a computer. I hate to sound desperate, but I have just
> exausted all leads I know to take on the matter. I saw your ad and thought

Don't panic. Here in New Jersey, the kids are all experts at
Nintendo (and some of the brighter lights at hacking security),
but damned few can actually read the manuals. Remember, the
most important component of "computer literacy" is "literacy".
If the kids can read, they can learn computers. If they can't,
there's not much else worth teaching them except to pee on the
side of the dumpster the cops aren't watching. (I may be a bit
prejudiced on the side of reading over computers -- I only have
fifty-odd computers, I've got [half bought new] several thousand
books, mostly the science fiction I've loved since before the
"New Math" was introduced to my grade school [after I'd had the
benefit of learning the stuff that worked].)
Ward Griffiths
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