From: snoball <>
Date: Tue May 12 18:11:34 1998

Hi, I am a teacher here at the local elementary school in Humble, TX. To be
honest, the computer department here at the school is rather pathetic, two
Apple //e's and an XT that was donated that I can't get to work. To be
frank, these kids are going into a world where they are illiterate in the
basic workings of a computer. I hate to sound desperate, but I have just
exausted all leads I know to take on the matter. I saw your ad and thought
that there could still be a chance. I am a little familiar with computer
collectiong myself, I have none but have read all the antique computer
museum site in order to more educate myself on what I am loking for. From
what I understand, the TRS-80 Model III has BASIC language built in???? Any
difference, if were to ovtain this computer, I would search vigorously for
eduaction software, I'm sure I could find this somewhere Like in an old
Radio Shack warehouse or something. And if there is BASIC on it, I could
use to perhaps teach a small summer class on computer programming and
incorporate the to Apple //e's. Unfortunatly, I am a little short on funds
at the moment (this moment has lasted about all my life) and the school
district will no longer return my calls. If the TRS-80 Model III or any
other computer is still available, I would be more than happy to pay the
shipping costs to ZIP code 77346. I hope you could find it in your heart to
lend a lerning tool to a group of children from first grade to 5th. If not,
a simple reply telling that you cannot donate would be sufficient. However,
if you can, I would like to work out the specifics such as shipping
addresses and prices or if there is something else that I can do for you.
Thank you for reading this message, I hope that I have not come accross to
strong. Thank you.
-Justin Teague
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