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From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <gram_at_cnct.com>
Date: Tue May 12 22:42:53 1998

Hotze wrote:
> I am. In 7th grade. Still think that jr. high school's a COMPLETE waste of
> time, especially for geeks (or people like me, who like to consider
> themselves geeks, but probably couldn't make it...), at our school. No
> UNIX, no programming, not even a 32 bit OS!!! (And that's even counting
> Windows!!!!) All I really can do is do what I want in Computers... (but
> with the software that they've got available, the most I can do is type a
> word doc. instead of write an e-mail... TONS of freedom there...)

Tim, when I was in the seventh grade, due to getting most of my _real_
education from the library at my own pace, I wasn't counting windows.
There weren't enough of them. I simply kept working out new patterns
for counting the holes in the acoustical ceilings, since the contractors
had installed them unevenly and that killed _some_ of the time until the
bell rang. Otherwise I let the teacher drone while I read something
useful or interesting and answered the questions it asked on automatic
pilot -- since I usually read the textbooks for the semester twice by
the third day of class.

Be warned -- if you go to a decent college that trick doesn't work. At
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