Help Needed: Kaypro 10 HDD Problems

From: Marvin <>
Date: Tue May 12 22:54:18 1998

Marty wrote:
> If all else fails you may want to try a low level format on the hard
> drive. Boot with a MS-Dos ver 2.10 or later, run debug. At the '_'
> prompt type in g=c800:5 which should access the controller rom and
> enable you to low level format (it is <crudely> menu driven). Your
> Tandon has 306 cylinders, 4 heads and 17 sectors per track. After the
> low level format procede with the high level partitioning and
> formatting.

I'm not familiar with the Kaypro 10 HD Controller but I am guessing it
uses a WD HD controller. One of the things I *always* do before using
debug and the "g=c800:5" command is to unassemble that location first (u
c800:5) to make sure it contains a jmp instruction. Other locations
that I've seen include c800:6 and cc00:5.
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