Teaching Students Computers... (Semi-OT)

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That is kind of skills we like to see and that only works at its best
combeing good understanding of a computer is and ablility to read and
understand data crowding into one's head. These days, Colleges are
taking on new students who can't tell which end of a mouse is?!

Apple and 8bitters of it's ilks that is found in K-12 has it's places
because these are what excels at teaching kids materials but in high
school level, we need to convert guys over to real things like
windows and 486 boxens, unix and like using word processing and
speadsheets, such yak yak..of most types not including 100% dumb M$

But this is not happening at right rates of putting out
computer-ready students for colleges and U's. :)


My wpm is not that good as you do but very respectable about 50-60
wpm but it get higher when I look at paper and blast away. But this
is thanks to high school grade 9, In canadian, it is K-8 then 9-12/13
in high school when I did first thing when I took up typing on those
Selectric (!!) whirring, bopping spinning silver golf-ball in '88.
(Note, as I went thru H.S. in next few years, I saw them replaced
with ibm new PS/2 30 boxens. And at one time I had my own used
Selectric (what a concrept! but my interest is waning to computers
stuff at that time). The wpm effected because I pause often and
think, do in-stream editing then contiune. I'm more of action and
thinker like this.

Uh, during that time in HS,
I picked up several old discarded machines including 3 MBC-555 Sanyos
, Horrible boxens when I heard about them again here finally
understood why. :) , and one TRS-80 III to play with BASIC book but
I was total clutz at it (boring without disks even it had drives in
it.) Even one time had Apple II+ but it somehow blew up and I
couldn't fix it so it disappeared. sorry! :(

Jason D.

> Hi. This is semi-off topic, but I'm sure that if any replies are made,
> it'll eventually spin off to someone's tales of their PDP-8 in high school,
> or their first VIC-20...

Snip for brevity... good thoughts and wonderful story of yours!

> Since then, I've been working to set up a browser-based Intranet. It's
> been a heck of a lot of fun, if not educatonal.
> Just my $0.02...
> Tim D. Hotze
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