Another EBay absurdity

Date: Wed May 13 12:02:46 1998

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<< Actually, David Greelish (of "historically brewed" and the "classic
 computing society") is attempting just such an online price guide. His
 efforts so far can be seen on: >>

what a joke! i just webbed there not long ago and checked his price guide. an
H89 for $400? wow, i got mine for free! a pcjr for $50? i cant even give one
away! a trs80 model 1 for $200? yea, right! from his "prices" i could sell
part of my collection for over $1500. the list is quite sparse though. what
about my osi or my portable pc or mac512k with a hyperdrive or my tandy 102 or
atari portfolio? i seldom take seriously anyone who attempts to put market
prices on old computers. for some light reading and humour goto the above url
and check for yourself.

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