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From: Aaron Christopher Finney <aaron_at_wfi-inc.com>
Date: Wed May 13 12:49:36 1998

Hmmmm....7th grade. I got my Atari 800xl in seventh grade. Not a single
computer in my school, and that was even in a rather large city
(Pasadena). We found a lot of other things to occupy us, though, like
finding creative ways to get over (and under) the 8 foot chain-link fence
around the school and over to taco bell or the Pac Man arcade. I spent all
of my "home" time drinking Tang, programming my Ataris, and listening to
Black Sabbath. Funny thing is I got all A's and B's in my classes, with an
attendance ratio of about 2/3 and a homework ratio of about 1/4. Does that
say anything about the quality of California's public education? I can
only imagine that it's even better now....


On Wed, 13 May 1998, Russ Blakeman wrote:

> Ward Donald Griffiths III wrote:
> > Hotze wrote:
> > >
> > > I am. In 7th grade. Still think that jr. high school's a COMPLETE waste of
> > > time, especially for geeks (or people like me, who like to consider
> > > themselves geeks, but probably couldn't make it...), at our school. No
> > > UNIX, no programming, not even a 32 bit OS!!! (And that's even counting
> > > Windows!!!!) All I really can do is do what I want in Computers... (but
> > > with the software that they've got available, the most I can do is type a
> > > word doc. instead of write an e-mail... TONS of freedom there...)
> >
> > Tim, when I was in the seventh grade, due to getting most of my _real_
> > education from the library at my own pace, I wasn't counting windows.
> > There weren't enough of them. I simply kept working out new patterns
> > for counting the holes in the acoustical ceilings, since the contractors
> > had installed them unevenly and that killed _some_ of the time until the
> > bell rang.
> When I was in 7th grade I was pondering what the newest Terrahawks and
> Thunderbirds episode would be and what I was going to do if the Vietnam "conflict"
> went on past when I graduated high school in 1974. The only "pooters" we had then
> were some networked (if you can call it that) typing equipment and teletype
> terminals in the business classes.
> High school has it's palce, just as college does. Of course if you look at the
> high schools and many colleges now you'd have to wonder why they eeven bother
> going to any classes other than home room for attendance check in.
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