Another EBay absurdity

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Wed May 13 13:51:19 1998

On Wed, 13 May 1998, Russ Blakeman wrote:

> I don't think he's done much research though as I've seen prices on the
> auctions way more than some of his listings and some way under. A C=64 at
> $20 is what they normally go for and I've seen $150 and more for one. Yes,
> the condition, rarity ann accessories is a consideration. I don't see
> anyone paying up to $15000 for a 1977 Apple computer of any model. Our

Unless you're talking about an Apple 1. $15,000 is not an unreasonable
price from a demand standpoint. There were only 200 produced and
200,000 people want one.

> local grade school just dumped 25 of the original Apple II's for $100 for
> all of them with the printers, software and drives. They've had them since
> they were new under the "donation" system that Apple had for schools back
> then. The person that boght them (not me) sold them for $25 a set and sold
> them all in less than a week to people in this an surrounding counties -
> people that are anything from collectors to users.

That was a lucky person. In my estimation straight Apple ]['s are getting
hard to find. I searched for 3 months last year and could only come up
with 1. Of course this will all change when they start going for $1000 on
eBay, and the 50,000 people who bought Apple ]['s back in 1977 catch wind
of this and start emptying out their closets.

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