Another EBay absurdity

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Wed May 13 10:20:57 1998

Larry Groebe wrote:

> Actually, David Greelish (of "historically brewed" and the "classic
> computing society") is attempting just such an online price guide. His
> efforts so far can be seen on:

I don't think he's done much research though as I've seen prices on the
auctions way more than some of his listings and some way under. A C=64 at
$20 is what they normally go for and I've seen $150 and more for one. Yes,
the condition, rarity ann accessories is a consideration. I don't see
anyone paying up to $15000 for a 1977 Apple computer of any model. Our
local grade school just dumped 25 of the original Apple II's for $100 for
all of them with the printers, software and drives. They've had them since
they were new under the "donation" system that Apple had for schools back
then. The person that boght them (not me) sold them for $25 a set and sold
them all in less than a week to people in this an surrounding counties -
people that are anything from collectors to users.
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