OS/2 Warp 3 Help... (Yes, off topic...)

From: Daniel E. Rector <rector_at_usa.net>
Date: Wed May 13 18:22:42 1998

> So here's the deal. I can get all the way to Disk 6, then I re-insert
> the Install diskette. Then, it asks me to reboot. I reboot, and it's not
> there. I also have Windows 95 on this system. So how do I: Get past that
> 2) Get to see the drive's contents (it's not the same C as FAT 32 sees
> it...)


It's not clear if you are using 2 partions (I assume you are by your
last statement). OS/2 can be installed on either a primary OR extended
partition, however it cannot see FAT 32. When installing it, it should
have taken you to fdisk (OS/2 version) where you would have set your
partition as installable. (You should not have progressed past the
first two disks at this point.) Also assuming you've formatted the
partition with either FAT 16 or HPFS. Are you planning to use Boot
Manager? - it lets you choose which partition you want to boot from.
otherwise you would probably have to invoke FDISK to set the other
primary partition active and then reboot.

If this is not clear, let me know offline, and I'll try to walk you
through it. I have a PS/2 mod 60-486 with OS/2 3.0, WIN95, and Windows
3.1 all bootable - so it can be done.

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