Re PDP-9 found in Grenoble France

From: Hans B Pufal <>
Date: Thu May 14 08:09:04 1998

Huw Davies wrote:

> If this is discussing a PDP-9 then yes, there is at least one in the
> collection - the first Digital box purchased by La Trobe in about 1967.
> There's an interesting story behind this system:
> The -9 was reassembled but three flip chip modules
> were found spare! The system ran (without them) for about 10 years
That is a good story. Do you remember which three modules ;-)

Is your system operational? And do you have any software for it?

I have not yet gotten the history of our unit. It appears that it
belongs to the Paris Science museum who passed it on to our group since
they had no facilities for housing it. I did notice some damage to the
front panel switches but otherwise the unit appears to be in good shape.
I will know much more in the next couple of months when we get moved to
our new premises.

There are so many systems in theis collection needing urgent attention
but I think I will adopt this one.

I would love to hear form anyone with information, documentation or
software for the beastie.

I will keep you all informed as to progress.


Hans B Pufal
Received on Thu May 14 1998 - 08:09:04 BST

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