Re PDP-9 found in Grenoble France

From: D. Peschel <>
Date: Thu May 14 15:40:00 1998

> Huw Davies wrote:

> Is your system operational? And do you have any software for it?

A month ago I visited my brother at Dartmouth College (in New Hampshire).
I did my usual "what books on old computers are at the library?" search,
and found someone's thesis describing a mini-timesharing system for the -9.
The whole document is VERY thick since it describes the system and includes
full source code.

It was written to coexist with other OS's -- DEC's PDP-9 software, something
called GROWTH, and Dartmouth's large DTSS timesharing system (which ran on a
different computer family -- I don't know which). And it can't assemble
itself (since it doesn't include an assembler). But with enough work this
could be an interesting lead.

Here's the library citation:

         Author: Blean, Robert W.
          Title: The PDP-9 mini time-sharing system / by Robert W. Blean.
      Collation: 677 leaves in various foliations ; 28 cm.
        Imprint: 1972.
          Notes: Thesis (M.S.)--Thayer School of Engineering, 1972.
  Material Type: book
       Language: english
       Subjects: PDP-9 (Computer)
                 Time-sharing computer systems.
  Other Authors: Thayer School of Engineering.
       Location: Bus-Engr, Thesis M.S. Engr. 1972

Perhaps Dartmouth would send it out via Interlibrary Loan.

Incidentally, DTSS was the system that BASIC was developed for. And DTSS still
exists, apparently, though I'm sure it has changed a LOT in 30 years.

-- Derek
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