Teaching Students Computers... (Semi-OT)

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Date: Thu May 14 15:35:38 1998

Haven't you ever spelled upside-down words on a calculator before?
Q: What is the Divine Comedy about?
( [4] [3] [3] [7] [M+] ) Hell
>Russ Blakeman wrote:
>> Remember when the LED HP calculators were banned from high schools
>> considered cheating? My best friend was suspended over just the
possession of
>> one in school, not even in class. Of course he's a few years younger
than I as
>> I don't remember calculators being much less than the price of a good
used car
>> when I was in school. They came down dramatically in 76 when I was
>> through electronics training. I think the one I had cost $105 then
and we
>> thought that was cheap.
>I was forbidden to take my old Pickett out of its holster many times
>back in my early 70s high school days. Never understood what
>advantage it was supposed to give me in an EngLit test ...
>Ward Griffiths
>They say that politics makes strange bedfellows.
>Of course, the main reason they cuddle up is to screw somebody else.
> Michael Flynn, _Rogue Star_

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