Another EBay absurdity

From: John Rollins <>
Date: Fri May 15 23:17:51 1998

>The only problem I have with my rather conventional equipment in terms
>of RFI is when my monitor changes modes, and I am using an AM
>receiver right next to it. The sound flickers a bit. I would think
>that the home computers and games systems like C64, PCjr, etc.
>couldn't put out too much RFI, since they used TVs for monitors...

Hehe... The Apple 15AV monitor I have here on my PowerMac is fun to listen
to on the scanner when it starts up, before it gets around to changing to
the 1024x768_at_75Hz setting I normally use... Wow! The other multisync
monitor just causes a very strong AC hum in both receive and transmit. More
than you can get away with... I'm going to try building a screen cage for
the comp/monitor as soon as I finish with the RFI testing.

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