Another EBay absurdity

From: Desie Hay <>
Date: Sat May 16 01:09:12 1998

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Date: Saturday, 16 May 1998 11:08
Subject: Re: Another EBay absurdity

>> >> IBM PC model 5150: $100 Please. Hundreds of thousands made.
>> Laugh it into the ground... Free is the only price. And if that's not
>> enough, I recently picked up a Compaq 386/20 with multisync VGA monitor
>> free...Too bad I can't get the &^$&$(_at_$%#& 3.5" floppy to work.
>Maybe that's why the 5150 is more desirable :-). After all, you can
>always fix those given the techref - no custom chips, full schematics,
>etc. No problem...
>> Now to add something new to the list... What are the best/worst for RFI?
>Well, my old Tandy model 1 radiates a bit.
>I would think some of the old DEC backplanes with no metal screening at
>all (like the RK11-C and DX11, and even machines in the BA11-F, like the
>PDP11/45) would not be trivial to get through EMC tests. I've never had
>problems running any of my machines with normal broadcast radio/TV in
>adjacent rooms, so it's not a big problem in that sense, but it may be a
>pain for amateur/SWL work.
>Worst problem I know is that the harmonics of both the TV line scan and
>the VGA line scan are close enough to our standard time service (Rugby
>MSF on 60kHz) to totally swamp the RF stage of any such receiver. I
>generally have to put the aerial/RF stage in another room at least.


heh well on a more moden note my IBM monitor is terible for RF floating
when the monitor kicks in it makes all lights and other computers in the
room flicker....
oh yeah it dosent like to be in the room with any other computers ether or
thie IBM monitor
will start to play up as well.......
Oh well......I suppose IBM dosent like to other too many of these mechines
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