North Star Horizon

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Date: Sat May 16 01:24:33 1998

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>> Agreed with the previous gentlemen. My latest blind rescue was that 68020
>> Cadnetix system, where the company went under 10 years ago and every
>> technical document on it seems to have ended up in a Colorado landfill. I
>> finally tracked down one of the original engineers (from on-line resumes,
>> of all things) to get some info on it. Granted, it's still dead (and from
>> what I've learned, probably will stay that way forever) but I'll be
>Don't say that ! Somehow it can be got to work again. It'll take time,
>but it would certainly be interesting.
>> if I didn't learn quite a lot from it. As for wanting a specific machine,
>> I have spent my entire life lusting after machines that I have never even
>> seen in person, let alone had detailed hardware experience with! What is
>Yes, but presumably you had reasons for wanting these machines, other
>than 'I want an Altair, they're cool'
>> it that really makes us want these machines, anyway? Not to say that
>> machines are useless, but nobody collects classic computers because of
>> their amazing processor speed or mammoth memories. It's a much more
>Well, I particularly like machines with features that are not found on
>more modern stuff - toggle-switch panels, demountable hard disks, vector
>graphic displays, writeable microcode, etc.
>> rounded aesthetic, having to do with colours, shapes, sounds, etc. I
>I've said it before - I really couldn't care what a machine looks like. The
>circuit diagrams are the interesting thing for me.
>> easily *see* a computer that *looks* interesting and ask for one by name,
>> without even knowing where the power switch is. That's the whole fun of
>> it.
>True... Especially at radio rallies where you see something odd and pay a
>few pounds/dollars to take it home. No idea what it actually is - it's
>just interesting...
>> Aaron

Apple Lisa Web Page:

I have own a NorthStar Horizon very nice little computer abit heavy, mines
in the wooden box and has a pair of 5 1/4" floppy drives in the front and
yes it runs off an terminal.....
mine even has full docs and the origianl receipt of purchates from around
many of the cards inside it arom from an Altair if my memory is correct...
A VDM -1? i think thats whats its called...anyway in the manual for this
video card it has the source code for the programmng code for a Altair and
IMSAl mechines....
only around 30,000 of these fine mechines where ever built so i would say
that they are very rare these days....

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