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Date: Mon May 18 12:14:01 1998

On 18 May 98 at 12:02, Huw Davies wrote:

> At 02:44 PM 17-05-98 -0500, Doug Yowza wrote:
> >On Sun, 17 May 1998, Sam Ismail wrote:
> >
> >> Bzzt. Unix was created in 1974 at Bell Labs on a PDP-7.
> >
> >Proof by assertion *and* buzzer is my favorite kind of proof. At least
> >the guy that wrote the UNIX FAQ disagrees with you, but I'm sure your
> >buzzer is bigger than his :-)
> >
> > http://www.ee.byu.edu/unix-faq/subsection3_8_2.html
> Well I don't care how nicely formatted the page is, it's wrong. Unix was
> definitely originally written in assembler for the PDP-7. I'm sure I've got
> the reference at home.
> Huw Davies
 Well this thread drove me to my back-issues of Electronics and Byte. Cost me
an afternoon since it immersed me in too many interesting articles including
the Byte same issue review of the Lisa and Apple IIe releases.
  In an article Byte 6/81, Robert Greenberg MS Xenix product mgr. wrote :
 " The UNIX os was originally developed at Bell Laboratories by Ken Thompson,
 - - - - - With access to an abandoned DEC PDP-7 computer that had no
software, Thompson decided in 1969 to write a set of programs that would aid
him in software research. Over a period of several years, and with the help of
fellow researcher Dennis Ritchie, this set of programs evolved into a full
operating system. By 1972, it was recoded for the DEC PDP-11 computer in a
newly designed high-level language, called C. "

 Incidentally in one of the other issues it was mentioned that Interactive was
the 1st commercial company to license it with software and hardware support.

BTW is " Bzzt " the print representation of a Bronx cheer ?

ciao larry
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