PLease ID CD-ROM unit

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Mon May 18 16:17:17 1998

OK, I finally brought the thing home.
The 37 pin connector is wired as follows:
Pins 1-17 are the only ones attached to something
It's fairly difficuly to trace, the traces keep switching
sides of the board and stuff...
1-4 are wired to 2-5 of 74LS245, then go on to 2-5 of 74LS541
Some others as well, I'll give you the exact pins if you want.
The 8255-AC5 is mostly attached to the above-listed chips.

The drive box is a DATEXT Model DTX-10, released April 1986.
Inside, it has the drive itself, and two 9" X 9" boards. The bottom
one seems to be simply hardware stuff - nothing but resistors,
amplifiers, etc. The top one is the one with the centronics
connector. It has 12 TC40H***P chips. Also, some 74LS***P chips.
Also, there are two huge chips, 60-pin or something. These are
HD61Z002 and HD63701XOP. All chips are Hitachi-labelled. There is also
a 34.5774 MHz crystal. Lastly, an EPROM w/the window covered over.
I hope it's OK that I lifted the tape. It's MBM2732A-30. The only
big chip on the bottom board is an HA12049A. I hope this gives you
some idea. I have a VOM and a poorly working 'scope if you need
any of that to figure this out

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