North Star Horizon [Rare systems]

From: Desie Hay <>
Date: Mon May 18 23:22:30 1998

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Date: Tuesday, 19 May 1998 5:30
Subject: Re: North Star Horizon [Rare systems]

>At 11:25 AM 5/18/98 -0700, you wrote:
>>On Mon, 18 May 1998, Desie Hay wrote:
>>> this is getting abit of track here but nobody seems to mind:
>>> well im in australia and ive got some mechines that i bet you guys have
>>> never heard of:
>>> Dick Smith System 80
>>> (TRS-80 model 1 clone)
> Well if you like that kind of stuff, there's a LNW 80 for sale in a
>surplus store here (Skycraft, in Orlando, Florida) for $25. It's another
>TRS clone but it's supposed to have the interfaces and extra memory
>built-in. Comes complete with a couple of manuals. I know very little
>about the TRS stuff and nothing about this clone so if you have questions
>post them to the list and see if someone else can answer them.
> Joe
>>Sure we've heard of this. You Aussie blokes have been talking about the
>>Dick Smith systems for a while now.
>>> (CPM box, looks like a terminal)
>>Believe it or not I have heard of this. I think some other feller from
>>down under mentioned it at some point.
>>> OSI C4P
>>> (looks like a SOL termianl computer, dont know anything else about it?
>>> anybody else know anything about it??)
>>Ohio Scientific Challengers are no secret.
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Well this UNIVAC I have, I acutally got it imported or what that be
from the states.............
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