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From: Desie Hay <>
Date: Mon May 18 23:33:22 1998

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Date: Tuesday, 19 May 1998 12:56
Subject: Finds and questions

>This weekend (despite iminent death due to a stomach virus) I managed to
>add a few interesting things to my collection:
>Toshiba T1000
>HP 110
>GRiD GRiDCase 2
>GRiD GridCase 1520
>Grid GridCase 1535
>Grid Battery (spare)
>Grid P/S (spare, replaces battery)
>Two external Grid Disk Drives
>Now for the questions.
>The GridCase 2 seems to have an internal 10MB hard drive (gotta be a 3.5"),
>but it also has a DB25 sticking out the side where the HD is. Has anyone
>else seen this? Is it a GRiD option? Is the DB25 for an external floppy,
>since the HD seems to be where the floppy should be? The HD makes some
>rather unhappy noises, though it seems to work fine; anyone have any
>suggestions for the best way to get the data/OS off the hard drive in case
>of failure? (Just copy to floppies?) It comes up in something called
>(iirc) InteGRiD; anyone know anything about this?
>Haddock claims the T1100 was Toshiba's first laptop; just by looking at the
>numbers, one would think the T1000 would have come first. According to
>Toshiba's spec files, both machines ran Toshiba MS-DOS 2.11, had 512K RAM
>(but the T1000 could go up to 1.2MB), both had a 4.77mhz 80c88, etc. So,
>anyone know for sure what came first?
>I guess that's it for now. Of course, if anyone has any further info,
>anecdotes, or specs on any of these machines...
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Apple Lisa Web Page:

Im 99.999% sure the T1000 was first...............
when i purchased mine around 10 years ago im almost sure that it was the
only one they where offering that
was IBM compat
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