Windows 1.x platforms...

From: Julian Richardson <>
Date: Tue May 19 12:01:16 1998

>> I have a Rainbow 200, but I'm missing the keyboard and mouse, and it
>> seem to take a serial console.

hmm, don't know about the 200, I've got a 100B machine and the keyboards
plug into the back of the display units from what I remember. I think
you could use a VT100 keyboard, don't know about mouse support
(presumably standard serial as on a PC...)

>> I have the CP/M disks for it as well, it has no harddisk.

hard disk controllers and colour display boards were like gold dust for
these machines... blank disks are probably pretty rare these days if the
200 uses those same strange two-in-one disk drives that the 100 had -
you had to have disks without the centre reinforcing rings or they'd
screw up the drive spindles over a period of time....


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