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An interesting bit from our archive knowledgebase...

Windows/286 Running on DEC Rainbow with 286 Board [aropenv]
ID: Q51199 CREATED: 21-NOV-1989


The Rainbow Adaptation Kit for Microsoft Windows/286, marketed by
Suitable Solutions, Inc., of Santa Clara, California, permits Rainbow
users to install Windows/286 Version 2.11 directly from the
Windows/286 retail kit. For more information about the Rainbow
Adaptation Kit, contact Suitable Solutions at (408) 727-9090.

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> Windows 1.x-2.x were Intel and 100% compatible only (including AMD 286
> it was manufactured under license by Intel), and ran without problems on
> NEC V20 (8088 clone). Bear in mind that there wasn't really any secondary
> CPU market at that time.

Back in the Windows 1 timeframe, IBM had not yet taken over the universe.
Some non-clones (such as the DEC Rainbow) ran Windows; basically DEC
wrote or contracted for the device drivers necessary to make it work.
I don't recall whether Windows 2.x ran on the 'bow; I didn't have access
to one during that timeframe.

Hotze wrote:
> OK... I know that Windows 1.x/2.x was horibbly unsuccessful... but I
> remember reading about some platforms that Windows was ported to that
> pretty strange... (IE non-x86).
> Anyone???

This is probably a dim memory of the Rainbow port. The Rainbow had both an
8088 and a Z80 (when running MS-DOS, the Z80 was used only for floppy and
(IIRC) keyboard I/O).

Roger Ivie
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