GEOS was Re: Windows 1.x platforms...

From: R. Stricklin <>
Date: Tue May 19 13:16:59 1998

On Tue, 19 May 1998, David Wollmann wrote:

> Geoworks is still around ( they're pushing GEOS
> for handheld applications now.

We are. We've sold all our desktop software rights and so forth to New
Deal, Inc ( to focus on the embedded market.

> The cool thing is, it still runs on anything from an 8088 7MHz to a
> Pentium (I bet you could tweak it to run on a 4.77 MHz 8088 if you
> really wanted to) and includes a everything you need to do networking,
> paging, email, fax, PIMs, etc. It requires 1 meg ROM and 512K RAM. The
> SDKs go for a C-note.

This feature list is from the newest rel which we do not sell to end
users. PC-GEOS ran on top of DOS and was very usable in 512k on an XT
until version 2.0 when IMO it took a turn downhill, but it was at 2.0 that
the SDK became available for third party developers.

The GEOS we sell is no longer anything like a desktop operating system.

We also have several ports of GEOS to other embedded processors.

> I thought I had read something recently about some company releasing a
> re-hashed version of GEOS for PCs, but my proxy is hosed and a search would
> take forever. I think it was on C|NET in a review of alternative OSs.

That would be New Deal. It is my opinion that they have turned PC-GEOS
away from what made it a wonderful software package (simplicity, elegance)
to bow to the pressures of creeping featurism.


Not speaking for Geoworks, Inc. All opinions expressed are entirely my
own and not necessarily shared by anybody else.
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