GEOS was Re: Windows 1.x platforms...

From: Bill/Carolyn Pechter <>
Date: Tue May 19 13:43:32 1998

> On Tue, 19 May 1998, David Wollmann wrote:
> > Geoworks is still around ( they're pushing GEOS
> > for handheld applications now.
> We are. We've sold all our desktop software rights and so forth to New
> Deal, Inc ( to focus on the embedded market.
> This feature list is from the newest rel which we do not sell to end
> users. PC-GEOS ran on top of DOS and was very usable in 512k on an XT
> until version 2.0 when IMO it took a turn downhill, but it was at 2.0 that
> the SDK became available for third party developers.
> The GEOS we sell is no longer anything like a desktop operating system.
> We also have several ports of GEOS to other embedded processors.
> > I thought I had read something recently about some company releasing a
> > re-hashed version of GEOS for PCs, but my proxy is hosed and a search would
> > take forever. I think it was on C|NET in a review of alternative OSs.
> That would be New Deal. It is my opinion that they have turned PC-GEOS
> away from what made it a wonderful software package (simplicity, elegance)
> to bow to the pressures of creeping featurism.
> ok
> r.
> Not speaking for Geoworks, Inc. All opinions expressed are entirely my
> own and not necessarily shared by anybody else.

Ah yes. And Geoworks missed a large opportunity to take the desktop.
They needed a better comm program, a TCP/IP stack, an internet
capable print spooler, a browser.

Actually, Geoworks on top of FreeBSD/Linux/NetBSD would've been a
great platform for the desktop midrange platform.

I gave up on it at V2.01 when the applications for it dried up and
New Deal had not yet come out.

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