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From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Tue May 19 16:24:21 1998

<>> I have a Rainbow 200, but I'm missing the keyboard and mouse, and it
<>> seem to take a serial console.

NEever heard of a 200 there was a 100, 100+ and 100B.

<you could use a VT100 keyboard, don't know about mouse support
<(presumably standard serial as on a PC...)

No mouse. Keyboard was LK200 same as vt220 and later terminals and the
monitor was VR201 (mono) or one of the others. It did not use a serial
console as it was like a PC and had color graphics.

<hard disk controllers and colour display boards were like gold dust for
<these machines... blank disks are probably pretty rare these days if the
<200 uses those same strange two-in-one disk drives that the 100 had -
<you had to have disks without the centre reinforcing rings or they'd
<screw up the drive spindles over a period of time....

Media is common 360k pc. The format is oddball (rx50) but the rainbow
could format a floppy. Hard disk controllers can be found (in the USA).

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