Windows 1.x platforms...

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Tue May 19 16:24:29 1998

<>I like to bash Microsoft as much as the next guy, but their CPU support
<>Windows CE is pretty good: x86, MIPS, Hitachi, PPC, and ARM, at least.
<x86??? That would make a REALLY COOL sub-$500 PC. PPC??? So MS didn't
<COMPLETELY cut it off.... I guess that if Intel (or anyone else) wanted,
<they could make a 386/486 (AMD's ElanSC400 comes to mind) processor
<based-WindowsCE system, requireing less effort to port to CE.

SC400 is PC compatable at the 486 level, all you'd need is a bios. Then
youd have to lay out a 4 layer or better yet a six layer PWB, integrate
ram, and add all the other goodies that are not on the CPU. Working with
the SC400 is NOT a trivial hobbiest CPU, most would be stopped by the
package alone.

Also MS never stopped supporting x86, everything they sell runs on 386 or
higher (though it may be slow as mud). W3.1 still runs on 286s.

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