Info on VectorGfx ZCB, PROM, and RAM boards

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Tue May 19 22:18:41 1998

Allison J Parent wrote:
> < I now have some time to work on my N* system. Does anyone have info o
> <the Vector Graphics ZCB processor board. 64k RAM board, and the PROM boar
> <that they can copy/e-mail me?
> No data on any of these.
> < Also, which motherboard serial port is used for the console, left or
> <right? This may sound silly, but how does the processor board know which
> <the console port?
> The right from the rear, left from the front.
> The two devices are addressed at 02h and 04h, the console is nominally
> 02, by NS* software convention.
> It is possible to configure the software for any port however.

It is, but _you need a console_ to do the configuring. It's like
getting a second-hand Unix box -- you need the root password to
do anything..
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