Info on VectorGfx ZCB, PROM, and RAM boards

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Tue May 19 22:35:46 1998

<> The two devices are addressed at 02h and 04h, the console is nominally
<> 02, by NS* software convention.
<> It is possible to configure the software for any port however.
<It is, but _you need a console_ to do the configuring. It's like
<getting a second-hand Unix box -- you need the root password to
<do anything..

The assumption is that the former owner of the boot disks has/had a
standard configuration. Of the systems my NS* controller has been
in the console could be:

 VDM-1 and serial keyboard.
 NS* standard configuration (port base at 0)
 CCS, 4sio
 Computime CPU (on board usart)
 Computime 4sio

All different addesses or requiring different initializtion or use a
totally different device. In my case the system was origially altair
with MDS controller so when the NS* crate was done I had to reconfigure
the disks for NS*. At the time you either got NS* personalized or
unpersonalized requiring the user to set it up it assumed you had front
pannel or rom monitor.

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