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Date: Wed May 20 08:33:28 1998

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>Dear John,
>My name is Paula Rouse. I worked for the "Famous" Don Tarbell at Tarbell
>Electronics in Carson, CA from 1976 to 1983. I was his first employee
>when he began selling cassette interface kits and assembled units. He
>was a terrific boss and his wife Brenda and I have been best friends for
>all these years. She called me this evening to say that Don passed away
>this morning, May 19th, 1998, after a long bout with cancer. I was on
>the internet tonight, looking for information on old friends who used to
>come into the shop, hoping to contact them to let them know of his
>passing. When I typed Don's name into Yahoo's search engine, your page
>came up. It is not dated, so I do not know when you tried to contact him
>by e-mail, but Brenda said that he had not been checking his e-mail but
>once every two or three weeks since he had been so sick. That may be the
>reason for your not receiving a reply. He was a great guy and he will be
>sorely missed. It was so much fun being a part of the early years of
>computing. He was instrumental in shaping my career and there are many
>good memories of the times spent together.
>Thanks! Paula Rouse,

- John
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