Another EBay absurdity

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Now take a look at the feedback. You'll find that the two high bidders are bogus. The winning bid was actually the #3 bidder, who would be within
his rights to decline the honor. The only way we'll know how much this *really* sold for is to check back in a couple of weeks and see who (if
anyone) gets positive feedback from the seller.

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>I'll save the surprise for you who want to check it out (it's a
>Commodore Educator 64)

This auction ended. This was the bidding history.

Last bid at: $510.00

Last bid at: $500.00

Last bid at: $86.62

Last bid at: $35.00

Last bid at: $25.00

At least two people had a clue. One person just really wanted it, and two
must have thought it was made of gold.

        -- Kirk
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