Prices to pay for old computers...

From: Marty <>
Date: Thu May 21 07:47:53 1998

 Are you refering to the original 16KB-64KB motherboard 5150 PC or do
 you mean the 64KB-256KB motherboard 5150 PC? I have only seen two
 original 16KB-64KB 5150 PC's. I'm certain there must be plenty of them
 out there but I never see them. I see the 64KB-256KB motherboard
 5150's everywhere.

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Subject: Prices to pay for old computers...
Author: at internet
Date: 5/21/98 5:45 AM

 Apple Lisa Web Page:
 One of the best examples of this would be the original IBM PC.......
 now apparently the dudes on ebay say $100 for a IBM PC well if you have one
 in its original box will all manuals and
 all original parts, manuals, disks etc this would be a reasobabley fair
 price to pay. .999% of all IBM PC I come accross
 have been upgraded,
 treated badly, hacked, and far from thier original condiditon, and there are
 no manuals in site..............
 but if you have one with only the CPU at that it well, perhaps $0-10 is a
 fairer price........
 You cant just say that xxxxx computer is worh $xx amount...... you have to
 allow for some systems that have manuals, disks,
 boxes etc.............
 systhems in these conditions are few and far between............
 this is just my opinion on the subject so I would like to hear other peoples
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