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From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Thu May 21 10:22:06 1998

At 23:53 20-05-98 -0400, Ward Donald Griffiths III <> wrote:
>George Currie wrote:
>> Recently acquired a Heathkit computer. Looks to be a pc compatable (din
>> keyboard plug, 1/2 height 5 /14, etc). Plate on back says model U 148.
>> clues?
>I forget exactly when Zenith folded the operation, but I am willing
>to hazard a guess that _any_ Heath product is a classic under the
>rules of this mailing list. Even if it was a do-it-yourself multi-
>Ward Griffiths

Yes Ward, some of us indeed think that. FYI to members on this list, there
is a Heath reflector, HEATH_at_LISTSERV.TEMPE.GOV. For those who may be
interested, send this command SUBSCRIBE HEATH [your own name here] to
<LISTSERV_at_LISTSERV.TEMPE.GOV>. The list leans more toward discussion of
Heath's venerable amateur radio equipment, but all Heath products are
included in the rules. I have not yet seen computer gear mentioned except
for my requests for documentaion for the H11's I have in my collection.

Back to you, George, the U 148 _could_ be actually H 148 as I believe Heath
had a kit version of Zenith's Z148. Not sure. Can be checked by hunting
through some old Heath catalogs I have for an H148 listing.

Heath's ID plates were a soft, thin metalic self-adhesive tag with model
number stamped onto it. The number could have been distorted from handling
of the machine over time as has happened to several of my Heath items.
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