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From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Thu May 21 12:09:41 1998

At 10:49 PM 5/18/98 -0500, you wrote:
>> Toshiba T1000
>Very common, but worth $50 on eBay!

I think just about everything is worth at least $50 on ebay... 8^) (Not
too common, it's my first.)

>> HP 110
>Nice, one of the first clam-shell laptops (after the GRiD Compass, and
>before the DG/One). I hope you have HP-IL cables and software!

I believe it has PC2622 (precursor to Reflections by WRQ) in ROM? (HP Term
emulator). Anyway, I've got 1 HP-IL cable (from an HP75D) but am still in
search of an appropriate PS.

>Army surplus or what?

Nope, HMR. Btw, one of the 1520's (iirc) had a sheet of paper taped to it,
a print-out from some fixed assets pgm. Listed the purchase date (iirc) as
12/89, and the original cost as $4800+. Current (depreciated) value is
$0... 8^)

>> Is the DB25 for an external floppy,
>> since the HD seems to be where the floppy should be?
>Right again. The external floppy seems to be hard to find. I should have
>a couple of them later this week, though :-)

Perhaps the ones I picked up will fit; I'll have to give it a try?

>> The HD makes some
>> rather unhappy noises, though it seems to work fine; anyone have any
>> suggestions for the best way to get the data/OS off the hard drive in case
>> of failure? (Just copy to floppies?) It comes up in something called
>> (iirc) InteGRiD; anyone know anything about this?
>InteGRiD is a version of GRiD/OS that you can boot from MS-DOS (usually by
>running GRID.EXE). I've never seen InteGRiD in a machine that didn't also
>have MS-DOS on it. If you have MS-DOS, you can just use laplink. If you
>don't have MS-DOS, you'll need a GRiDServer or a floppy.

I was able to drop to DOS, so I'll see if I can get laplink onto it. But
hopefully the floppy drives will work. You wouldn't know what type of HD
is in there, would you?

>Reprinted w/o permission from Newsbytes:
>European marketplace. The T1000 model which weighs in at 2.9 kg (or about
>(about US$ 1400), is supplied with MS-DOS 3.2 and a 3.5 inch disk drive.
>This model, which replaces the old T1100, is designed to fill in the gap

Interesting. Toshiba's spec files say it came with MS-DOS 2.11. They seem
to have trouble keeping their model numbers in order. 8^)

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