Original IBM PC (was Re: Prices to pay for old computers

From: Marty <Marty_at_itgonline.com>
Date: Fri May 22 14:06:39 1998

 I have a 16KB-64KB 5150, it has one row of 16KB dips soldered in place
 with three rows of 16KB dips socketed. Pull the three rows of socketed
 16KB dips and it's a 16KB 5150 equipped with 16KB of soldered in
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Subject: Original IBM PC (was Re: Prices to pay for old computers...)
Author: classiccmp_at_u.washington.edu at internet
Date: 5/22/98 2:18 PM

> Of the 16K-64K mb's there are reputed to have been two distinct series,
> called "Series 0" and "Series 1." A 16K,
 What distinguishes the two series?
 I hope that "16K" means "16/64K model" as opposed to "actually equipped with
 16K of memory."
 -- Derek
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