Original IBM PC (was Re: Prices to pay for old computers...)

From: Kip Crosby <engine_at_chac.org>
Date: Fri May 22 14:08:40 1998

At 11:11 5/22/98 -0700, you wrote:
>> Of the 16K-64K mb's there are reputed to have been two distinct series,
>> called "Series 0" and "Series 1." A 16K,
>What distinguishes the two series?

As noted, I don't know. I'm hoping that someone like Tony does.

>I hope that "16K" means "16/64K model" as opposed to "actually equipped with
>16K of memory."

Your hopes are dashed. The only pricey IBM PCs are the ones that had 16K
installed at the factory and weren't upgraded. The 64K ones are relatively
common, although worth keeping; it's like the difference between a Lisa One
and a Lisa 2.

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