Converting 220 to 110

From: Charles A Davis <>
Date: Sat May 23 07:17:29 1998

Sam Ismail wrote:
> Ok, I'm no electrical wiz. I have an old computer that wants 220. First
> of all, I got this computer without the 3-prong plug (it'd been cut off).
> Without paying attention to the "220" which was written on the transformer
> inside, I wired a plug onto the power cord and plugged it in. Needless to
> say the unit didn't come on, but I'm hoping that it didn't mess anything
> up. I wouldn't think it did.
> Anyway, what can I do to run this thing off of 110? The transformer has a
> solid black lead going to the black wire of the power cord (through the
> switch), a black lead with a white stripe looped back into the xformer via
> a white lead, and a blue lead with a white stripe connected to the red
> wire of the power cord (through the switch with an inline fuse...the fuse
> is fine).
> The side connected to the cpmputer board has a rainbow of seven colored
> wires in the order (from left to right): brown, red, orange, yellow,
> green, blue, violet.
> 1547 is stamped on the transformer. ?.
> I'd like to make this run off 110 without having to modify the actual unit
> itself.
> Sam Alternate e-mail:

You are in luck. From your description of the wires available ----

(Check with an Ohm meter for continuity to be sure.) The White, and
Black wires _should_ be the ends of 'ONE of TWO' 110v windings.

(1) After making sure that they are the ends of the same winding, apply

(2) Add the Black w/White stripe to the Black connection, and _carefully
measure the voltage between the White, and Blue w/White stripe. It will
be either '0', or '220' volts.

(3) IF it is zero, then that wire (Blue w/White stripe) hooks to the
same place as the White wire,

(3a) If the voltage is '220', then the Black w/White stripe goes with
the White wire, and the Blue w/White stripe goes with the White wire.

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