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From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Sat May 23 07:21:16 1998

Bill/Carolyn Pechter wrote:

> And if you like Linux, the real winner will be FreeBSD which does
> what Linux does, only better. It has compatibility modes that let you
> run Linux, and SCO binaries and actually is easy to set up compared
> to many of the Linux varients.
> And there's only ONE distribution. And the thing is built as a SYSTEM
> to run as a system.
> To build the whole thing from source just type make world in /usr/src.
> To install over the internet -- just boot the single install floppy
> and go.

I've got both. FreeBSD supports at best a quarter of the hardware
that Linux does -- in large part because it _is_ just the one
distribution with the one design team, instead of a planetwide
anarchist cooperative. Linux runs SCO binaries just fine as well,
the iBCS module was migrated to FreeBSD from Linux.

This is _not_ the forum for that particular (and peculiar) religious
war. I've been a Unix junkie since I first tried Xenix on a TRS-80
Model 16 shortly before it officially shipped to the RSCC where I
did tech support. Part of the problem I have with the so-called
fight between the government and Microsoft is that while I prefer to
avoid MS when I can, I usually can -- the government on the other hand
I can never avoid whether I desire or not since they have lots of guns
and lately a free hand in using them -- but that's also a discussion
for a different mailing list (check out <> for
subscription info).
Ward Griffiths
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