Prices to pay for old computers...

From: Cliff Gregory <>
Date: Sat May 23 15:44:13 1998

There were several manufacturers who made drives for the Commodore line of
computers. I have two or three examples around here someplace. Chinon is a
name that comes to mind, but I know there were several more as well.

Cliff Gregory

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>Well, if you're alluding to the Disk ][, this was not an effort by Apple
>to be "non-standard", but was basically due to the brilliant hacks of
>Steve Wozniak in adding an inexpensive and simple disk controller to the
>Apple ][. And as far as aftermarket goes, I can't think of even one drive
>that was made to work on any Commodore that wasn't manufactured by
>Commodore, but I myself have at least five examples of disk drives made
>for the Apple by random no name manufacturers.
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