Vax 785 and microcars

From: Huw Davies <>
Date: Sat May 23 22:08:06 1998

At 11:07 PM 22-05-98 -0400, Ward Donald Griffiths III wrote:

>Yeah, but you Brits have got _weird_ concepts in transportation.
>The Morris Minor for instance never should have been licensed as
>an automobile -- a four-wheeled powered bicycle on its best day.

Hey, this is getting personal :-) The world seems a different place behind
the wheel of my 1948 Minor Low Light. I'll admit it's not powerful, but
that's not the point!

To add a little (very small) bit of historical computing content, I always
try to think of the way the world was when "Bertie" (the car) was built.
It's hard to think of an effectively no-computer world. I often wonder what
I'd have done for a living if I'd been born 50 years earlier...

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