11/34a help

From: John Lawson <jpl15_at_netcom.com>
Date: Sat May 23 22:39:08 1998

  Hello list. Having three (3!!) *entire* days off, I have decided
to try and make one nice PDP11 system out of the various Bits and
Pieces strewn about the place. And I have naturally run into a brick
wall that I have not the knowledge or experience to scale. So I turn
to the Experts and Gurus for a 'boost over'.

  I have two complete PDP11/34a systems and an 11/04, configured
similarly with RK05s, RX01s and RL02s. One of these systems was
actually working, and it's RK05 (0) died. In the (loooong) process
of trouble shooting, I found that the entire system's DCLO line was
the culprit, but after fixing that, the system never would boot out
of ODT again... all ok, I'll deal with it later.

 Now later has come. I wish to have one working 11/34 system, with
two RL02s, an RK05, a Decwriter III for the console, a Kennedy 9trk
tape, a punch/reader, and at least one of the big SMD drives I have
(System Industries 470MB Fujis)

  I have all of the above hardware save the formatter/IO for the

Right now, I have a minimum system in a BA11 with the programmer's

 M7859 M9312
 M7891 BF
 M7891 BF

 Power supplies have been checked are in spec.

 Bus grant cards are in (and undisturbed from when the thing
actually used to *run)

 The DL11 is hooked to a known good VT100.

 On power-up, the Console shows all 0000000 and the 'Run' led...
data can be entered into the disply but apparently not deposited...

There is no SLU response on power-up, and I have an RS232 sniffer in
the line and it indicates the proper static levels, but no data.


  I know this might not be enough info... but its a start.

       It's no fun having tons of gear in your living room if it
       just sits there whirring loudly...
  Thanks in Advance


PS: Im trying to 'thin' my collection a little to concentrate on the
PDP11 series... anyone in the SoCal area who would like to trade
'experience' for equipment... Mostly Plessey-badge Clones and
probably the 11/04, various drives and bits and parts... I have a
truck and can deliver...

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