11/34a help #2

From: John Lawson <jpl15_at_netcom.com>
Date: Sun May 24 22:34:21 1998

  Thank you Tony, for your response. I will continue this here on
the list for the possible benefit of other collectors... but
private e-mail is welcome as well.

  (I am not re-posting my previous msgs or replies.. )

  So: given an 11/34 with the regular (?) 9-slot system unit, from
the right going left I have: cpu,cpu, console card+boot/term,
128Kmem, 128Kmem, slu/ltc, blank, blank, bus term.

  I removed the existing grant continuity cards.

  I have the printsets on these cards, and a selection of manuals,
but not enough info to figure out the details of hardware config. As
currently (above) set up, the machine is autisitic and the console
malfunctions (no display and all leds lit dim.

  What is the deal with the slots? With the red/white guides? I
can't remember or find out exactly *which* slots each module ought
to be placed in.

I have figured out the switch settings for the 9301 from the
schematics, but it's the 48 on the SLU I'm scared of... any
pointers to where I might find them listed? (DL11W, M7856)

  Thanks again... it's exciting to drag this thing out of it's

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