EMMATRONIC disk copy?

From: Thorhallur Ragnarsson <thorh_at_ismennt.is>
Date: Sun May 24 21:47:54 1998

Does anyone know a computer called EMMATRONIC?
It was used as a control computer for knitting machines some 15-20 years ago,
the mechanics of the knitting machines are running fine, but now there is
one reliable system/program disk left.
The maker of the knitting machines is out of business some time ago and so
the knitting machines soon be if I can not make the owner a backup copy of
the disk!
I have been told it's some sort of Apple II for the European market
but then again I might be totally wrong.
I need to copy a 5.25" disk for this system, the format is unknown and
the disk is known to be protected somehow (at least the EMMATRONIC refuses
to copy it)
and also I have no working Apples.
Any ideas/suggestions?

thanks in advance.
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