785 cc microcars (OT)

From: Thorhallur Ragnarsson <thorh_at_ismennt.is>
Date: Sun May 24 21:47:59 1998

At 14:59 23.5.1998 -0400, you wrote:
>At 12:02 AM 5/23/98 -0700, you wrote:
>>At 23:07 5/22/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>>Yeah, but you Brits have got _weird_ concepts in transportation.
>>>The Morris Minor for instance never should have been licensed as
>>>an automobile -- a four-wheeled powered bicycle on its best day.
>>Eee, lad, y're not up on yer British automotive innovation. The
>>four-wheeled powered bicycle was the Berkeley Frisky. My other fave was
>>the Ginetta 1600 R, which is what you got when you crossed a Ford Cortina
>>with a bespoke tapered London suit. Then there was always, gawdelpus, the
>>three-wheel Morgan.
>>Kip Crosby engine_at_chac.org
>> http://www.chac.org/index.html
>>Computer History Association of California
> How about the Austin Seven, in which, if I have been informed correctly,
>the oil would migrate up the steering column and drip into one's lap.
> Cheers
> Charlie Fox ('52 MG TD owner)
Hey, that subject line really hit me head on,
so I hereby break the rule not to engage in an off-topic subject.
You see, I subscribe to those two lists: classiccmp_at_u.washington.edu and
and filter my E-Mail by the headers...... and then suddenly......
the exact displacement of my car engine shows up on the classiccmp list!!
The car in question is a 1981, 785cc, Suzuki LJ-80, it's a kind of a
micro-jeep really
and it has no electronics whatsoever.
Sorry, clearly off-topic but I just could not resist.

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