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From: Jon Healey <>
Date: Wed May 27 19:56:35 1998


I've not participated much since I joined this mail group
a number of weeks back, so I thought I'd make myself heard.

A few of you seem to be pretty familiar with HP equipment
so maybe you can tell me what I have (or have not) here.

I pick up a box of junk at the local recycler several
weeks ago. It caught my eye because it has some microprocessor
emulator pods. In the box were the following:

Z8002 emulation pod, HP part # 64233A (says use with 64271A)

Z80 emulation pod, HP part # 64252A (says use with 64251A)

6801/6803 pod, HP part # 64256A (says use with 64255A)

also the following boards:

64300/66501 internal analysis bd
64154/66501 Static Ram board (only one of 4 rows has sockets installed)
64152/66501 Static Ram board (All 4 rows socketed and populated)
[both of the above have 2147 memory chips]
64211/66501 680x Control board

I called HP and asked what the pod normally connect to, just in
case it was still down at the surplus store and I had overlooked it.

HP says that they would normally be used with a "frame" (?) i.e.
some sort of general purpose analyzer having a part number of
29000 or 29120 (these two number are from memory since I can't
find my notes at the moment where I wrote down the two numbers.
It was either 29000 or 59000 but I'm pretty sure it was 29000).

I was attracted to the emualtion pods because they looked like
they had never been used. All of the pins appeared to be straight
and intact. There was protective foam one each pod.

What can you guys tell me about these? I'm thinking that without
the frame they are not very useful to me. Perhaps they're worth
something in trade?


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