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From: Joe <>
Date: Thu May 28 11:26:42 1998


  Your stuff is part of a HP 64000 uProcessor development system. I've seen
a lot of bits and pieces for the 64000 systems floating around but there
doesn't seem to be any interest in them. I have a bunch of manuals for one
if you're intersted. There is one website that has one display but I don't
have the URL for it. I think it's someone at the Universiy of New Mexico.


At 08:56 PM 5/27/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I've not participated much since I joined this mail group
>a number of weeks back, so I thought I'd make myself heard.
>A few of you seem to be pretty familiar with HP equipment
>so maybe you can tell me what I have (or have not) here.
>I pick up a box of junk at the local recycler several
>weeks ago. It caught my eye because it has some microprocessor
>emulator pods. In the box were the following:
>Z8002 emulation pod, HP part # 64233A (says use with 64271A)
>Z80 emulation pod, HP part # 64252A (says use with 64251A)
>6801/6803 pod, HP part # 64256A (says use with 64255A)
>also the following boards:
>64300/66501 internal analysis bd
>64154/66501 Static Ram board (only one of 4 rows has sockets installed)
>64152/66501 Static Ram board (All 4 rows socketed and populated)
>[both of the above have 2147 memory chips]
>64211/66501 680x Control board
>I called HP and asked what the pod normally connect to, just in
>case it was still down at the surplus store and I had overlooked it.
>HP says that they would normally be used with a "frame" (?) i.e.
>some sort of general purpose analyzer having a part number of
>29000 or 29120 (these two number are from memory since I can't
>find my notes at the moment where I wrote down the two numbers.
>It was either 29000 or 59000 but I'm pretty sure it was 29000).
>I was attracted to the emualtion pods because they looked like
>they had never been used. All of the pins appeared to be straight
>and intact. There was protective foam one each pod.
>What can you guys tell me about these? I'm thinking that without
>the frame they are not very useful to me. Perhaps they're worth
>something in trade?
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