Tandy web page malarkey

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <gram_at_cnct.com>
Date: Wed May 27 20:56:39 1998

Tony Duell wrote:

> Agreed. That web page is full of errors!
> > I'm going to go write a letter to the webmaster and let the bastards have
> > it.
> Good idea. I don't like errors on the web, no matter how much I wish they
> were correct.

Do remember that that the _real_ Tandy computer line ended with the
sale of _all_ manufacturing or real support capability in 1993 to AST.
(Well, the _real_ Tandy computer line ended in 1988 with the end ofthe
Color Computer 3 and the TRS-80 4D, but I'm _trying_ to give some
undeserved credit to the guys in the PC compatible product lines). Any
"computer support" people they now have (including any so-called Web
Masters) remember nothing of when Tandy designed and manufactured
their own computers and software. And they did some of the best Z-80
software in history. Scripsit 2.0 for the Model II is the second-best
_general purpose_ word processing program in history, just ahead of
WordStar 3.3 and just behind AllWrite by Prosoft. In my arrogant
opinion, and I started my career doing traing and support at a Radio
Shack Computer Center in 1980, left in 1986 _because_ everything was
about to be PC-compatible, and have since had to support crappy
Microsoft users because they insist on connecting the damned things to
the Unix boxes that are what I prefer. (I keep having to learn the
latest collection of Microsoft errors [oops, the latest version of
Windows] in self-defense).

Yes, Microsoft was _critical_ to the success of several Tandy products,
such as most BASIC interpreters and getting Xenix started. But they in
the end destroyed Tandy's credibility with the help of Tandy Corp.
Ward Griffiths
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