Tandy web page malarkey

From: Bill/Carolyn Pechter <pechter_at_shell.monmouth.com>
Date: Wed May 27 21:41:02 1998

 Ward Griffiths wrote:

> Any "computer support" people they now have (including any so-called Web
> Masters) remember nothing of when Tandy designed and manufactured
> their own computers and software. And they did some of the best Z-80
> software in history. Scripsit 2.0 for the Model II is the second-best
> _general purpose_ word processing program in history, just ahead of
> WordStar 3.3 and just behind AllWrite by Prosoft. In my arrogant
> opinion, and I started my career doing traing and support at a Radio
> Shack Computer Center in 1980, left in 1986 _because_ everything was
> about to be PC-compatible, and have since had to support crappy
> Microsoft users because they insist on connecting the damned things to
> the Unix boxes that are what I prefer. (I keep having to learn the
> latest collection of Microsoft errors [oops, the latest version of
> Windows] in self-defense).

Yeah, well I've been so sure of my view that WordStar was the best
general purpose word processing problem -- I think it's time for the great
editor debate round two.

(I especially loved WS v4 -- the New Word rework for CP/M and v6 of WS
for DOS.)

(I actually fell in love with WS2000 which had the one drawback -- that is
that it's not WS key compatible)

Radio Shack (Tandy) and Heath (Zenith) did some great work and they don't get
the credit they deserve.

Microsoft wrote a very nice 8080 CP/M basic, however.


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