Coleco and Sensation

From: The Adept <>
Date: Thu May 28 20:15:29 1998

Are you referring to the ADAM? If so, it works in conjunction with a
ColecoVision game unit (the game unit provides the video functions and
18K(?) or so of video ram). My (boxed!) ADAM has the base unit which
has a single cassette deck (with room for two), 64K of ram standard (for
a total of 82K when live, "the most of any home computer" :), it also
has a keyboard that uses a phone jack type cable, a colecovision type
controller (in white) and a printer (NLQ), also a built in word
processor. If you want the full details, I'll pull the thing out of the
attic and get more specific.



Max Eskin wrote:

> Could someone describe to me the Colecovision family entertainment
> system? It's a dual cassette deck with expansion ports, cartridge
> ports, a phone jack, and 9-pin ports. Processor? RAM?
> Also, I saw a Tandy Sensation (I think) system. Not quite classic,
> it's and MPC 1 machine, looks like a DECpc. Has anyone known it?
> Lastly, I saw an Apple //c setup guide. Why does it say only to use
> the computer propped up by the handle?
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